Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Firm Celebrates Recent Victory at Trial

Bruce Pfaff reached a successful mid-trial settlement of a legal malpractice case pending before Judge Clare McWilliams in the Circuit Court of  Cook County. Mr. Pfaff was prepared to present expert testimony that his client, W.J., had a substantial judgment entered against him because W.J.'s lawyer negligently failed to object to damages testimony that was inadmissible. Because of the defense lawyer's errors in the 2006 trial, the verdict was nearly twice as much as it should have been. On trial this month, Judge McWilliams made significant substantive rulings, including finding that had the lawyer objected to certain damages evidence in the 2006 trial, the trial court should have sustained the objection and excluded the evidence. After all of the rulings by Judge McWilliams and selection of a jury, the case settled for $700,000.