Friday, June 19, 2009

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Stem Cell Cardiac Injection Case

Pfaff & Gill, Ltd. recently amended their lawsuit arising out of the wrongful death of a 74-year-old gentleman who died at Rush University Medical Center. The amended complaint claims that investigational protocol 24779 was negligently developed by Baxter Healthcare Corporation, with the collaboration of Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries. The subsidiaries supplied products used in the protocol.

During the course of the June 6, 2007 procedure, the patient's left coronary vein was lacerated, apparently by the MyoStar injection catheter developed by the J & J subsidiaries. The patient died after the laceration caused cardiac tamponade and arrest.

The case is pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County and seeks compensatory damages for the patient's surviving wife and their children.

For further information on the case, please contact Bruce Pfaff at Pfaff & Gill, Ltd.

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