Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Burr Oak Cemetery Lawsuits

The recently uncovered scheme by several Burr Oak Cemetery employees has shocked thousands of Chicago families. Pfaff & Gill, Ltd. has been contacted by a number of victims to investigate and prosecute claims against the conspirators, as well as the corporate entities that have profited off the cemetery while turning a blind eye to the goings on in Burr Oak.

Families of persons buried in the cemetery have filed lawsuits against the owners and employees of Burr Oak Cemetery. The cemetery manager and three Burr Oak Cemetery employees are suspected of digging up hundreds of bodies and leaving them in the open air on a vacant lot on the cemetery grounds.

Burr Oak Cemetery is owned and operated by Perpetua, LLC, an Arizona corporation. The four employees, Carolyn Towns, Keith Nicks, Terrence Nicks, and Maurice Dailey, have been arrested and charged with body dismemberment.

If you have family members buried in the Burr Oak Cemetery and wish to pursue legal action, call Pfaff & Gill, Ltd. at 312-828-9666. You may also contact us through our website at

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